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Hi, Iā€™m Jenny Hall, an Etsy top 0.1% seller and your biggest cheerleader! I've coached and helped hundreds of Etsy shop owners to 2x-50x their revenue in a few short months!Ā 

The strategies I teach have helped people take their shop full time, teachers retire early to go full time, a seller buy her first home, another seller buy a 95 acre farm...the stories go on!Ā 

But most of all, I've loved watching creators grow their confidence and business skills that will last a lifetime!

Iā€™ve spent the last 11 years studying all things Etsyā€”from beating the Etsy algorithm to nailing down titles and tags that sell.

I teach the same Etsy strategies that I used to generateĀ over 40,000 sales and to rank in the top 1% of all Etsy sellers.

Now, I want to help you achieve that same level of success with your Etsy shop and it starts with this Free 5 Day Etsy SEO Visibility Challenge.

If I'm not coaching, creating or recording an episode of myĀ Handmade Sellers Podcast, you'll find me momming it up with my two teens or out in the garden growing vegetables or checking on my beehive!

Let's do this!

Jenny Hall