SEO Mini Masterclass

Learn how to write SEO, titles and tags to increase your shop visibility and sales.

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Are you ready to learn how to write SEO to help your products rank higher in the Etsy search, increase your shop visibility and sales?


I’ve been there so you don’t have to 
You might be struggling with your Etsy shop and wish you had more sales.
Maybe the inventory is piling up.
Maybe you feel like no one actually wants to buy your items.
Maybe you feel like your shop is failing because it isn’t bringing in as many sales as you want.
But in all reality…
I have a question for you.
When people see your product in real life, do they want to buy it?
I bet!
Do your friends wish they were as creative as you are?
For sure! 



Your products aren’t the problem, you’re just not being seen!

Let’s change that!
With over 36,000 Etsy sales and having coached over 500 students the past 2 years,
I’d love to teach you how to get your products visible in front of customers ready to buy!
I guarantee you will walk away with the know-how and the confidence to get your products VISIBLE, with ease!

It all starts with mastering Etsy SEO and once you do that, AMAZING things happen like:

You’ll rank higher in the search, even in a saturated niche.
Yes, please!
You’ll stop lowering your prices once and for all and get paid full price.
Show me the money!
You’ll be seen as the expert in your field and having raving and repeat customers.
Bring it on!
You’ll happily add new products with ease anytime you want (heck, you might even open a new shop!)
I'm ready!

But most of all, you’ll learn to master Etsy SEO using a repeatable and proven strategy to use anytime, with any product you list.


You’ll get VISIBLE to get more sales!



If you are ready to get your products seen in front your ideal customer and into their shopping carts, this is the SEO Mini Masterclass for you!


In this class we cover:

  • How Etsy Ranks Products in the search engine
  • What is SEO and why it matters
  • How to Write Titles and Tags to get found
  • How to leverage Etsy search to find keywords
  • What a best seller badge means and how to get one
  • How to Use Competition Research to Get Your Products Found
  • How to analyze your stats to see what phrases are being used to find your products
  • Why SEO relevancy and recency matter
  • How to keep your SEO current over time
  • How the right SEO can get you more traffic and sales


After purchasing you will have immediate access to watch the SEO Mini Masterclass training video in a private login portal to learn at your own pace and rewatch anytime. 


Plus you'll receive an SEO Keyword Tracker Tool to chart your keywords and sales each month so you use stats and data to grow your sales.



Learn to get your items SEEN & SOLD with ease


Come master Etsy SEO in this 35-minute masterclass that will have YOU writing high ranking titles and tags today!

Never Struggle with SEO Again

Let's get your shop visible!

Yes, I'm ready to master SEO in 35 minutes!

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Let's get your shop visible!

Yes! I'm ready to master SEO to get more sales!