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10 Easy DIY Gift Wrap for Etsy Sellers and Handmade Gifts

Uncategorized Nov 14, 2022

10 Easy DIY Gift Wrap ideas for Etsy sellers / Handmade Gifts

Now that holiday time is here, going the extra mile and offering gift wrap to your Etsy shop customers, is a great way to increase your order value. Add the variation option of including gift wrap, set your price, and really make it an easy YES for your customers! 

Keep it simple. Kraft paper, plain wrapping paper, ribbon, mini ornaments, pinecones, tags and your own personal touch will go a long way in making the gift recipient smile!

Below are 10 simple gift wrap ideas for small business owners and etsy sellers, handmade sellers, and any crafty maker that wants to hear WOW when they give a gift!

You can see all 150 ideas HERE in this article. 

I gathered my top 10 just for you!

Butcher paper, cardstock, white paint pen, twine, pinecones and bells keep it super simple and festive!


Kraft paper, evergreen sprigs, cardstock and a simple initial add a modern touch.


Make it fun with colored yarn and some glue! Trees, initials, rolled flowers or even stripes!

Have fun with kraft paper and some paint! Splatters, swipes and small patterns are fun!


White paper and cut out stars and twine for a polished look.


Polk-a-dots, ribbon and holly for an upscale touch.

Kraft paper, paint, stamps and ribbon --- simple and elegant.

How about some hand lettering, a sprig of pine, and a striped ribbon?


The most basic --- white paper, twine and a single mini ornament. Add an initial for personalization.


Starred twine and a simple wrap with a tag on kraft paper --- super easy!


I hope this gives you a few ideas for upleveling your etsy shop's holiday gift wrap and even those under your tree this year!

Wishing you more cha-chings!
Jenny Hall


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