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5 Ways to Make More Etsy Sales

Learn how to make more sales in your Etsy shop today. So many people think it is about getting more traffic to their shop, and it is, but you want to send the RIGHT TRAFFIC, coming from your ideal client, to your Etsy shop so it is more likely to convert to a sale. 

Come check out this video in our facebook group Etsy Sales and Marketing for Women to learn 5 simple strategies that you can implement today to start making more money in your shop. 



I need more traffic they say.
If I could only get seen they say.
I need more sales they say.
🆘Don’t we all? These struggles are real! And I hear them all too often, so you are not alone!
We all need more traffic and sales, but I challenge you to think about what kind of traffic you need in order to 👏MAKE 👏THE 👏SALE👏
✅Direct traffic that YOU SEND to your shop, that’s coming from customers that are already interested in your products, is more likely to CONVERT to a SALE.
✅Customers and potential customers that follow your fb page or group, comment on your posts or even lurk in the background but love your product, or customers coming from Pinterest who are looking for your exact item that they found from the right SEO) are pure gold when it comes to making the sale!
🙌If you struggle with your conversion rate, start building your audience, interact and engage with them and watch your conversion rate grow!
🎉Need help with this? Send me a DM if you want to hear about ways you can work with me to improve yours! @Jenny Lassalle Hall
Come check out this video in our facebook group Etsy Sales and Marketing for Women 

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