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How to write Etsy SEO to get more traffic and sales - Etsy SEO Mini Masterclass

Learn how to write Etsy SEO to get your Etsy products found, rank higher in the Etsy search and get more traffic and sales.


Want to know how I went from zero to 33,000 sales in my Etsy shop?

It surely didn't happen overnight. Sales and marketing didn't come easy to me when I started out. 

I share my exact method I used inside the Etsy SEO Mini Masterclass here.

In fact, I was a lot like you. I just wanted to create things and sell them! 

I started creating sewing patterns for women and children and started adding them to my etsy shop. I thought the sales would just magically come in overnight :) Well, that didn't happen!

I remember my first year of having my Etsy Shop and I had about 75 sales. 

I was winging it. 

Guessing at SEO wasn't getting me anywhere. 

I knew if I wanted to make more money, I had to master Etsy SEO. 

So I set out to do just that and learned everything I could.

Tweaked as I went and learned what worked. 

Guess what?

I just hit 33,000 sales and growing!

THAT's the POWER of SEO and I want to share it with you!

I knew I had great products that people wanted and needed.

What I didn't know was that Etsy SEO was my path to more traffic and sales, so I became determined to learn it.

Now that I've figured it out it's time to share it.

I see this in Etsy seller groups all the time. People are asking for help with their SEO and I know they are tired of struggling.

It's so much easier than you think!

And I'm going to show you my exact step by step method on how to do it for your shop!

This Etsy SEO research strategy has helped me hit over 33,000 sales, make multi six figures in overall revenue from all platforms and continuously rank in the top 1% of all Etsy shops.

It's time give back! I want your shop to be successful!

I truly wish I had this help and support back when I started, because it would have made all the difference in my traffic and sales!

I want you to get to your success faster than I did!

So that's why I'm SO EXCITED to introduce....

The Etsy SEO Mini Masterclass

 I've put together my best SEO strategies for ranking higher in the search and I've bundled it up just for you inside this training!

This exact SEO strategy has helped students get more traffic and sales simply by tweaking their SEO titles and tags and I am going to walk you through it. 

You will understand what SEO is, why it matters, how to rank higher in the search, how to reduce the number of listings you are competing against so you can stand out, and you will see exactly where SEO needs to be (it's not just titles and tags)!


If you're ready to follow a proven step by step SEO research method that finds the highest ranking titles and tags so YOUR items can stand out in the search, grab your Etsy SEO Mini Masterclass course here.







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