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How to Read Etsy Stats to Make More Sales in 2023

Uncategorized Jan 30, 2023

How to Use Etsy Stats to Make More Sales


If you are an Etsy seller, you have probably seen the stats page. It’s a great way to track your shop’s performance and make data-driven decisions on how to improve your sales. But it can be difficult to understand the numbers and what they mean. Understanding your Etsy stats is key if you want to increase your sales and get more customers. Let’s look at some of the most important stats you should be tracking, and how they can help you make more sales.

Visits vs Views


It’s important to understand the difference between visits and views when analyzing your Etsy stats. Visits refers to the number of people who actually visited your shop—in other words, those who clicked on one of your listings or spent time exploring it. Views, on the other hand, refer to the number of times a listing was seen by someone—even if that person didn’t click on it or explore further. Knowing this difference will help you determine which of your listings are getting the most attention from potential customers.

Your traffic stats: 


The first two parts here (etsy app and other pages and etsy search) show that people are finding you through your Etsy SEO. There’s a huge correlation between using high ranking SEO and getting found in the search to make more sales. 


The third section (etsy marketing and SEO) is when you are getting traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. That is your SEO hard at work for you, outside of Etsy. BUT…it’s still driving traffic to your etsy shop to get you found. This is you showing up on the first page of google because your SEO is so specific, it is matching your potential customer’s search query with exactly what you have. This brings in new eyes (that wouldn’t have found you on Etsy) and new customers. 

Conversion Rate

Your conversion rate is another valuable statistic in understanding how well your shop is performing. This stat measures how many visitors actually take action by making a purchase or clicking through on one of your listings — in other words, turning them into customers. The higher this number is, the better! You can use this stat to determine which products are resonating with customers and adjust accordingly if needed.


In the case above, 3.6 out of every 100 visits to my shop resulted in a sale. Online sellers average 1-2% conversion rate -- the more specifically niched your items are, combined with writing high ranking SEO, the higher your conversion rate will be, since people will be able to find exactly what they are looking for in your shop.


Listing conversion rates:


Besides an overall shop conversion rate, each product has a conversion rate, which is a huge aspect of your business. 


In this example below, this listing had 431 orders out of 9575 visits. This is a 4.5% conversion rate on this one item. 

Direct Traffic

Have you ever wondered where people are coming from when they visit your shop? Direct traffic is a great metric that shows exactly where people are finding out about your store – whether it’s through social media campaigns, organic search engine results, or word-of-mouth marketing efforts. Knowing this information will give you insight into what strategies are working so you can focus more energy there for maximum success!


If you click on the first part (direct and other traffic) that is how people are finding and clicking to your shop from a website, blog, news sites…etc. Maybe you have a blog for your shop and your readers are clicking over to shop or maybe you were featured on another person’s blog or website and they added the link to your shop. That is all direct traffic ---- traffic that is being directed to your shop so you can make sales. 


In this picture below, my own blog is bringing traffic and leads straight to my shop, along with other sewing related websites. 

Social Media: 

This shows you how well your social media is bringing traffic to your shop, so you know which platform is bringing in actual traffic, not just getting likes on your social accounts. 


This is you driving direct traffic straight to your shop anytime you post a link on social media and pinterest. 

Once you know how to read your etsy stats, you can make informed decisions on what to create next (based on what’s already working), what social platforms to post on (based on traffic stats combined with sales) and what isn’t working so you can adjust and tweak. 

I also look at the most / least visited listings and the most / least purchased items. This information shows me what is working / not working yet. If an item has a higher conversion rate, then I know to keep pushing that on social media because it is resonating with the audience. If an item has a high conversion rate, but low traffic, I need to get it more visible by running ads and posting on social or emailing my audience. 


Also, by looking at what is selling, you know what to keep creating based on these stats since your target market is liking what you have already! How can you create more, a new color, size, style...but all related to what is working?

Analyzing and understanding your Etsy stats can be overwhelming at first but with practice and patience it will become second nature before you know it! With these metrics as well as others such as total orders placed or customer feedback scores, you will now have all the information need to make data-driven decisions that lead to increased sales for your business! So don't wait any longer; start studying up on those Etsy stats today!



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