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30 Days of Social Media Content that Converts to Etsy Sales

Learn How to Create 30 Days of Content that Converts to Etsy Sales in 20 minutes! Jump to the VIDEO HERE in our fb group @Etsy Sales and Marketing for Women.

Creating a social media calendar for your Etsy shop can be easy and I’m going to show you how I create my Facebook posts for 4 weeks that GETS MORE SALES!!

Guess what? YOU can learn too!!

Ever sit there and stare at your Facebook post screen wondering what to say in your Facebook group, feeling yourself panic before you post?

Confused on what type of content to post?
Confused on how to get your audience engaged?
Wondering how to even get started making a social media content calendar that GETS YOU SALES?
Stopping before you even start because you think it’s too time consuming?

I can help!

If you are trying to grow your Facebook group but are staying silent, they are going to forget about you and your shop! What!?! Yep!! And you will LOSE SALES!

Stop. Right. There.

Let me show you how I map out my month of content...

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