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Grow your Etsy shop traffic and sales without wasting hours on social media inside a private facebook group with 1:1 support daily from myself and my team, WEEKLY live group ZOOM calls together for hot seat coaching and collaboration so you can make more sales with ease! 

Yes I'm ready to work with you!

The algorithm isn't against you, you don't have to lower your prices to get sales and you can sell in a saturated market.

It just takes strategy.


I've been there so you don't have to. 🤦‍♀️

I remember my first year on Etsy I had 85 sales and wish I knew how to get found on the first page. I knew if only more of the right people would see my products, I could sell more. 

I see you struggling and I'm here to show you an easier way that has helped ladies 2x-42x their revenue.

I know you're tired of wasting money creating products that don't sell. 

I know you're tired of guessing how to rewrite your SEO to rank on the first page of Etsy's search results. 

I know you want to make more money so you can impact your family's life.

I know you're frustrated when it comes to planning your product line because you don't know what resonates with your audience.

I know you're tired of throwing away money on Esty and facebook ads that aren't converting to sales. 
But thing I really notice, is that you are ready to figure it out. 

Selling on Etsy doesn’t have to be overwhelming. 

Stop doing more of what isn't working.
There is a better way.
Come learn proven sales and marketing strategies that can take your business to a level you've only dreamed of. 

Already know you're ready to grow your Etsy sales like never before?

"Since joining Etsy Accelerator 5 months ago, I have already doubled my revenue from all of last year, and it is only August! If you are on the fence, just do it and join! You won't be sorry! "

Mona Garrison
Sew Mona, Since 2010

"I have learned so much from being in the Etsy Accelerator! My facebook group is growing and people are responding. I have sold out of my earrings in 24 hours because I followed the strategies I learned in the group. Jenny is fantastic! She is very active in the group & loves to see you flourish! "

Marina Davidson
The Brush by Marina - Macrame Jewelry

⭐️ How would you feel if you had a loyal customer base, ready to buy and 5-star review your products?


🏃‍♀️Wouldn’t it be liberating to stop chasing down every sale via countless hours on social media?


🌈 What would it mean to you and your family to monetize the time and energy you spend on your Etsy shop?


Remember, this is your craft… Let’s put the fun back into it!

Etsy Accelerator teaches you my signature S.A.L.E. Method Course, which has helped shop owners 2x-42x their revenue!

It teaches you proven, step-by-step strategies you can implement to get visible and get sales from your ideal customer -- for free from the Etsy search. 

You'll learn how to research best selling titles and tags so YOUR SHOP can rank higher with optimized SEO!

Visibility matters. 

But only in front of the right people who are looking for exactly what you want.

SEO is how you're going to get there and you're going to learn how to write SEO that gets you seen and gets you sales. 

Besides mastering Etsy SEO you are going to learn to send direct traffic straight to your shop from social media.

This is your community of ideal customers that already want what you have. 

You are going to learn how to grow your facebook group, write posts that get them engaged, commenting and ready for your next launch so they will rush to your store and buy!

AND you'll even get access to 101+ Posts to Bank On to Turn Fans into FUND$

It is a done-for-you social media plan with posts categorized for you so you strategically market to your fans! The posts help build your brand, share behind the scenes, increase engagement, conduct market research, get followers engaging which increases your reach and posts that sell!

Another common mistake I see is watching Etsy shop owners let their customers vanish after the sale.

But guess what?

You're leaving money on the table.

Customer retention is when a customer comes back time and time again. 

You're going to learn how to increase the lifetime value of your customers by growing an email list full of raving fans, who want more of what you have. 

I'm going to show you how to use your email list to form a relationship with your customers and potential customers, so they want to see more of what you have and buy from you time and time again, instead of one and done. 

Huge revenue booster!!

Guess what else?

Free traffic, anyone?

Pinterest is going to be your go-to platform for sending free, high converting traffic straight to your shop from people looking for exactly what you have. 

Pinterest is a search engine - not social media - and that's where most shop owners are doing it wrong. 

You're going to learn how to strategically use Pinterest to get free, high converting traffic straight to your shop and how to create evergreen pins that do the work for you!


Are you ready to grow your revenue?

What's included in the Etsy Accelerator Mastermind Membership?

access to members only content vault | private facebook community | Q&A Sessions | course videos | guest expert trainings | member success stories | daily support and feedback

Already know you're ready to grow your Etsy sales like never before?


S.A.L.E. Method E-course

Become an Etsy marketing expert with Etsy Accelerator Course (12 course content videos + bonus trainings)

Live Group ZOOM Calls Weekly

Ask your most pressing questions and get answers from myself and other members

Daily Coaching

Post your SEO/titles/tags, photo, pricing questions and more and get feedback anytime

Community Support

Connect, support, & stay accountable via our private Facebook group 

Quarterly Expert Training

Stay up-to-date with the latest Etsy news, tips & tactics 

Monthly Success Stories

Members share their 30 day stats and success stories! We celebrate YOU!

Become an Etsy Accelerator Mastermind Member and get step-by-step strategies to grow your traffic and sales, a private coaching community, access to exclusive members only content vault and more!

Yes! I'm ready!

Take a peek at what's inside...

"I vaguely knew about some of the topics, but now I have a thorough understanding. I love how much detail the course dives into and the case study examples really help. So many aha moments! "

Katharine Dore
K Dore Designs

Meet the Creator of Etsy Accelerator

"I’ve been an Etsy Shop owner for nearly 10 years with over 36,000 sales on Etsy alone, and multi six figures in total revenue among all platforms since I began. But at one point I was exactly where you are! I knew if I could get visible, I could get more sales! I wish I had someone back then who could have shown me proven strategies to hit my goals faster. That's why I'm so excited to share my complete sales and marketing strategy with you, so YOU can massively increase your traffic and sales, make more money doing what you love, use it to change your family's lives, pay off debt, take that vacation, give to charities you believe in all while sharing your creativity with the world! You can increase your traffic and sales without wasting hours on social media, all while building a community full of ideal customers and raving fans! (Etsy @ Seamingly Smitten)"

Hi, I'm Jenny!
Etsy Marketing Strategist | Etsy Accelerator Course Creator | Top 1% Etsy seller @ Seamingly Smitten | as seen in Sew Magazine & featured designer in Simply Sewing Magazine issue 76

Already know you're ready to grow your Etsy sales like never before?

You can't afford not to.

I used to think investing in myself was "too expensive."
And I was stuck.
I was trying to figure it all out on my own, reading as much as I could, learning by trial and error, and getting sales slowly.
🎉But once I started taking courses, hired a coach, joined a mastermind / accountability group, my businesses soared!
Being held accountable for learning, growing and taking action is what moves the needle!
Surrounding myself with people ahead of me inspires me to keep pushing and gives me access to strategies that are proven to work.
Learning from a coach that has been where I want to go, helps me get there faster than doing it alone.
For those of you on the fence about joining Etsy Accelerator because it is "too expensive," you can't afford NOT TO!
🎉What if Tania would have thought it was "too expensive?"
She wouldn't have hit a $7,000 month, have been able to pay off her debt and take her family on a vacation last year!
🎉What if Deena would have thought it was "too expensive?" She wouldn't have hit her first $1,000 month with ease!
🎉What if Christina would have thought it was "too expensive?" She wouldn't have hit her first ever $5,000 month and be making what she is making WHILE BEING RETIRED 🙂
🎉What if Sheila would have thought it was "too expensive?"
She wouldn't have been able to expand her business like she is --- she is hiring an assistant, getting her items into a store and selling items DAILY in her shop!
🎉What if Sharon would have thought it was too expensive?
She wouldn't have learned how to strategically grow her product line and take her monthly revenue from $6,000 to $9,000 each month! That's a 50% increase in monthly revenue which puts her on target for a 6 figure year!
And the list goes one!
👏THIS is what Etsy Accelerator can do for your shop!
But ONLY if you are ready to commit to learning and growing with myself and the other ladies inside!

"Jenny’s Program has helped me tremendously. I joined in June and my traffic has doubled. I've made more sales already in the first 8 days of August than I did in the entire month of July! With Jenny’s guidance, I have improved my SEO and learned how to position my titles so my products get found. Best of all she gives amazing 1-on-1 advice and is always available to answer questions. She has taught me how to create customer relationships via email lists, Facebook groups, and so much more! I found Jenny at the perfect time because now my shop is positioned to be discovered in time for the holidays! "

Lina Gonzalez, Owner of Holy Soak

"I opened my Etsy shop, Lil’ Soaps for Lil’ Hands in January of this year. I joined every Etsy group known to Facebook and sought out advice from all the experts. Nothing was really helping and I was starting to get discouraged. I joined Etsy Accelerator, watched the first module and put into action—I immediately I saw results! My sales escalated from a few sales every other month to an average of a few sales per day! This membership is amazing and Jenny is SO helpful!!! If you’re not sure, just give it a try. You won’t regret it!"

April, Owner of LilSoaps for Lil Hands


Ebook: 25 Ways To Grow Your Facebook Group


Bonus 2

How To Write Product Descriptions that Convert to Sales

Bonus 3

What's Your Pitch—a guide for explaining what you do in 30 seconds or 150 characters

Etsy Accelerator Mastermind Membership

access to members only content vault | private facebook community for mastermind members only | Q&A Sessions | course videos | guest expert trainings | daily support and feedback

$497 for 6 months access

As a member you will receive: 

  • Instant access to my signature S.A.L.E. Method course videos in a private portal to learn at your own pace on your own time
  • access to a private Etsy Accelerator Members Only facebook community for daily coaching support anytime you need
  • Weekly LIVE Group ZOOM  calls to get personalized shop support 
  • guest expert trainings (Pinterest SEO, Profit First Training, Email Marketing Strategies, Taking the Next Step to Handmade by Amazon with multi 7 figure seller Dana Midkiff and more)
  • access to daily support and feedback in the private facebook group
    *You must have a minimum of 50 total Etsy sales to join this program.
  • We analyze your shop data to see what's working and then help you strategically build out your sales and marketing plan to amplify your sales.
Join here! $497 a month/ cancel anytime

Casa hit her first $10K!

"This time last year I was getting 5-20 views a day. Now, I have over 200 view per day. And that's with significantly less social media! This time last year I had 95 sales and 40 reviews. Can you believe that I am at nearly 2000 sales and nearly 500 reviews? I have already more than doubled my sales from all of last year and it's only August! "

Charlotte Wade, Owner of CWPhotoArt

7 days into this course I DOUBLED my weekly sales with 1 item—face mask lanyards. I sold one office 48! Just yesterday I listed a new design at 5:30pm and got 34 orders that same evening!

Christina Fuerst, Owner of Beadznmore

Already know you're ready to grow your Etsy sales like never before?


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