Master Etsy SEO with ease + Grow your Shop Visibility and Sales on Repeat


What if your items could get seen in front of your ideal customer, 

who was ready to buy, even with an ever changing algorithm?

Yes, even in a saturated market. 


Without lowering your prices. 


Without paying for ads. 


Without second guessing your SEO every minute of every day?


You'll learn how to master Etsy SEO with ease, have a repeatable (and trackable) plan of action and start showing up higher in the search results in front of buyers.

(Yes, please!)


Ready to leave with SEO mastered, confidence in selling your items + an SEO plan of 90 minutes?


It's totally possible and it starts here!

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This masterclass isn't like others you've seen (or taken) 


You already know SEO goes in titles and tags


And you're already working your butt off trying to figure it out on your own


But you want more....


More traffic...more sales


More impact with the money you make for your life and your family


It's possible if you're ready for it. 


I understand how SEO works. I have it down to a 5 part strategy that works for me and my clients. 


Regardless of what you sell (jewelry, t-shirts, pottery, digital downloads...)


Oh and no your money until you know which convert the best...then rock it even more....


In this masterclass workshop I'm walking you through the exact 5 Step Framework (that helped me generate over 36,000 sales) that will completely strategize your SEO down to a science.


(And dogs even barked during the middle of it because it was live! #workfromhomemomlife)


You'll understand where to find best selling phrases and where to put them in your listings.


It's not just titles and tags.


And you won't just be'll be watching how my method and brain you can replicate it with ease.


We'll be workshopping a few members' listings in the masterclass so you can see the 5 step strategy in action! 




You'll workshop one of your listings while you watch, so you leave confident knowing exactly how to research SEO on any item, at any time!


If you're ready for more cha-chings, you don't want to miss this!

Here's what to expect:

Algorithm Explained

We begin by explaining the ins and outs of the Etsy algorithm and how you can position your items to rank higher in the search, regardless of how many items you have in your shop or how often the algorithm changes. Meet the algorithm, your new best friend.

5 Step Framework

You'll get insider access to my signature 5 step research strategy that is proven and easily repeatable, regardless of your niche. You'll walk away confident knowing you can write high ranking SEO on your own, anytime.




SEO Research

This SEO class is different, because we will research a few member's SEO  -- right then and there. You'll also learn how to use your new SEO tracker to organize your phrases to cut down on research time and create a simple method that's repeatable and trackable.


Your SEO workshopped

You will workshop 1 item during the class and will be ready to rock it! One of the biggest transformation my clients see (besides more sales) is confidence knowing they are equipped to research SEO for any item even if they start a new shop. 

Etsy SEO Mastery Magic

90 Minute Etsy SEO Mastery Masterclass

Lifetime access to replay

SEO Workshop Workbook

Etsy SEO Checklist

Etsy SEO keyword tracking tool

Bonus video: How to add Backlinks

Bonus: The perfect listing description template

Bonus: 10 Ways to Optimize your Shop

Bonus: Two additional research videos where I walk you through researching

women's headbands and a macrame item


Only $47! Grab your spot here!

The algorithm isn't against you -- learn how to use it to get found

Check out my students' results: