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Hi! I’m Jenny Hall!


I'm the creator of Etsy Accelerator, an online membership program that teaches women Etsy shop owners how to increase traffic and sales. I built the program using over 11 years of institutional knowledge gained from running my own Etsy shop, Seamingly Smitten—which generated multiple 6 figures in revenue from all platforms, for part time work, as a stay-at-home mom and has over 37,000 sales.
All of that sounds great, but it's not a direct reflection of the struggle I went through to get here. 
You see there was a serious rough patch in my Etsy business and I even thought about quitting. 
  • My Etsy views were going down each month
  • I felt like I had no control over my sales
  • I was waiting for Etsy to send more traffic to my shop
  • I couldn't figure out how to rank higher in the search
  • And I blamed the Etsy algorithm
🙋‍♀️ Does any of this resonate?
Here's the deal...
My approach to Etsy was all wrong and so was my attitude. I discovered that running an Etsy shop is not passive. You can't just throw a product into the Etsy ethers and expect it to sell. And lack of sales is not a reflection of your worth as a creative.
I set out on an educational journey to learn Etsy-specific sales and marketing tactics. Then, I took action  and implemented what I'd learned one-step-at-a-time. Guess what? It worked. Little by little I gained momentum. I'm proud of my Etsy shop and I'm proud of what I've learned about Etsy success.
I want you to enjoy that same level of success and feel that same level of pride in what you've created. I'm here for you—drop me an email [[email protected]], come join the free Facebook group, get involved, and together we're going to make your shop a success!

Jennifer Jeremiah

Hi there! I'm an Etsy coach and SEO guru on the team! I have a masters degree in creative writing and have taught writing at the university for 10 years! I've worked on keyword optimization since 2006 and have been a Digital Faculty Consultant with McGraw-Hill for over 7 years, training instructors on best online practices and brainstorming marketing strategies to better connect with audiences.

And most importantly, I own TWO Etsy businesses: The Conscious Cloth and Lifecycle Apparel. Like you, I learn in action! I've been featured numerous times, in Etsy circulated emails, Etsy's holiday blog, Etsy Picks, and event Etsy's Pinterest!

I'm happy to be here, sharing what I've learned and continuing to grow together! 



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